The advantages of our service

We offer a variety of unique services so that you can easily purchase items from Japanese online shops.

Cheap international shipping rates

We ship packages with the same shipping fee as EMS with no handling fee.

Available in more regions than EMS

We ship to 213 regions. (EMS is available in 123 regions)

Free membership, no maintenance fee

Account registration is free.

Support in three languages

Contact us in Japanese, English or Korean.

Convenient contact system

You can easily send queries and make confirmations.

Unlimited weight and size

Please feel free to contact us anytime.

How to use your Japanese PO Box (Japanese address)

Japanese PO Box (Japanese address) is a service in which we receive the items you have purchased from the Japanese website on your behalf and forward them to you. We provide free Japanese PO Boxes (Japanese addresses) that you need for shopping, and ship your items to you at reasonable prices. If you use our service, you can purchase auction items and shop on websites that don’t ship overseas. This is the basic service usage flow.


Get your exclusive Japanese PO Box (Japanese address)

When you join, you will be issued a free Japanese PO Box (Japanese address) that is exclusively for members.


Shop using your Japanese PO Box (Japanese address)

Please register with your Japanese PO Box (Japanese address) when signing up with EC websites such as Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo, etc.


Request forwarding of items arrived in your Japanese PO Box (Japanese address)

When the items arrive at your Japanese PO Box (Japanese address), we notify you by e-mail. After you pay the shipping fee from your MyPage, we will forward you the items.

Customer's voice

Due to our many years of experience in providing services, we have received many customer voices. Here are some of them.

We offer a high level of service that you can truly be satisfied with at a reasonable price.

Cheap and simple rates

Only need to pay the shipping fee!
No need to pay for the handling fee.
Optional services are a reasonable price.
Please compare with other companies' prices.
※Destination: U.S.A, Comparison: April, 2019, Currency: JPY)

In case of 5Kg
(Ship 1kg x 5 packages together)

9250 JPY

(shipping fee: 8700 + Consolidation fee: 550)

Comparison with other companies

shipping fee 10520 10660
Consolidation fee 1700 750
Total 12220 11410
Price difference with Forward2u 12220
- 9250

- 9250


In case of 10Kg
(Ship 1kg x 10 packages together)

11050 JPY

(shipping fee: 10500 + Consolidation fee: 550)

Comparison with other companies

shipping fee 14100 13460
Consolidation fee 3200 750
Total 17300 14210
Price difference with Forward2u 17300
- 11050

- 11050


In case of 20Kg
(Ship 1kg x 20 packages together)

19050 JPY

(shipping fee: 18500 + Consolidation fee: 550)

Comparison with other companies

shipping fee 23500 22960
Consolidation fee 6200 750
Total 29700 23710
Price difference with Forward2u 29700
- 19050

- 19050


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