Shipping method

For shipping, we select the best shipping method among various shipping companies (FedEx, DHL, UPS, EMS, etc.) according to the destination, type, size, and weight of the package. Please note that members cannot choose the shipping company.

Proxy COD

Please use the proxy COD service when purchasing items by COD.

Undervalue is not possible

Please note that we can not undervalue any of the items.

No packages from abroad

We do not accept packages from countries other than Japan. Such packages will be rejected.

No weight limitation

We can ship packages even if they exceed 30kg. Please feel free to contact us.

Shipping restrictions

Please note that some international shipping cannot be handled due to laws and treaties. There may also be restrictions on what can be sent depending on the country.
Category Subcategory Example of prohibited goods
Explosives, dangerous items Explosives Fireworks, crackers, ammunition
Flammable liquids Lighter fuel, paints or removers
Pressurised Gases Fire extinguisher, aqualung, dust spray, portable concentrated oxygen, helium gas, camping stove, cassette stove gas, lighter refill gas
Flammable substances Matches, lighter
Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides Bleach, peroxide, personal oxygen generator
Poison Chloroform, heat transpiration pesticide
Corrosive substances Mercury, battery
Radioactive materials Plutonium, radium, uranium, cesium
Drugs Drugs and psychotropics
Living creatures Living creatures
Obscene items Obscene or immoral articles

Application for returning goods

To return an item after arrival at your PO Box, the condition will change depending on the item and the situation. Therefore, although we accept applications for returns, this does not guarantee the return. Also, please note that you may be charged the return fee and handling fee depending on the situation.

Weight of the consolidated package

The weight of the consolidated package is the total weight of all the packages to be packed together. The total weight is not re-measured after consolidating. By reducing business processes and administrative expenses, we are able to provide services at the lowest possible price. Thank you for your understanding.

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