Package transfer flow

This is the general flow until you receive the item you purchased.


Purchase goods

Step 1.Purchase


Delivery to your PO Box

Step 2.Delivery


Inspection of goods

Step 3.Inspection


Notification to customer

Step 4.Notification


Waiting for shipment

Step 5.Payment


International Shipment

Step 6.Shipment


Customs clearance

Step 7.Custom


Receive package

Step 8.Arrival

How to use the Japanese PO Box (international forwarding) service

  1. First, get your Japanese PO Box (Japanese address)
    You need to get a Japanese address to sign in Japanese websites. Get a Japanese PO Box(Japanese Address) with us.
  2. Register with the website you want to shop at using the Japanese PO Box address.
    When joining the website, enter your Japanese address (Japanese PO Box) obtained in ‘Step 1’.
  3. Purchase items and have them delivered to your Japanese PO Box(Japanese address)
    After purchasing the item, please select or fill in the Japanese PO Box address that you obtained in ‘Step 1’ as the shipping address.
  4. Receive notification of package arrival in the PO Box and status will receive the items on your behalf. Upon inspecting the items, we will notify you of the package arrival and shipping fee.
  5. Pay shipping fee
    Please confirm the package details and pay the shipping fee for the product to be delivered.
  6. Ship item to final destination
    As soon as we confirm your payment, we will ship the item to the address registered on Depending on the package, custom duties may be additionally charged at custom clearance.
  7. Your item has arrived!
    Try our service now.

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