Proxy shopping

If you do not know how to join a shopping website, or if you do not plan to shop again on that website, the proxy shopping service is very convenient as we will purchase the item on your behalf. You can apply for proxy shopping from the ‘proxy shopping menu’ in MyPage after joining.

Proxy COD

Proxy COD is a service that receives COD packages on your behalf and places them in your PO Box. Please use this COD service if the website or the seller does not accept Japanese credit cards or remittances from overseas. The proxy COD service is convenient when the seller only sells by COD.
※It is not a service for sending packages to customers by COD.

Proxy shopping & proxy COD service flow

Apply for proxy shopping & proxy COD
Please apply for proxy shopping & proxy COD from the MyPage ‘proxy shopping & proxy COD’ application menu.
confirm proxy shopping & proxy COD application and request charge for items
After confirming your application, we will inform you of the price.
Payment for the item
After confirming the item price, please pay the amount.
Item purchase and announcement
After confirming the settlement, please purchase the item. We will then notify you when the item arrives in your PO Box. Subsequent service flow is the same as Japanese PO Box (Japanese address) service.

Proxy shopping & proxy COD service fees

Proxy shopping & proxy COD service fee is the sum of the articles below.
The shipping fee from Japan to the final destination will be charged separately after the goods arrive in the PO Box.
  1. Price of purchased items
    Amount required for purchasing the item.
  2. Item pickup cost
    The cost necessary for the item to arrive in your PO Box. ex) remittance fee to the item seller, delivery fee, etc.
  3. Proxy shopping & proxy COD service Fee
    Service fee is 500 yen per each proxy shopping & proxy COD
  4. Settlement fee
    There is a 5% settlement fee.

Cautions for using proxy shopping & proxy COD service

  1. Cautions before applying
    Please check the item carefully before applying for the service. We take no responsibility for the quality or condition of the item.
  2. Limit of proxy shopping & proxy COD
    Some items cannot be handled due to laws and international treaties. Please refer to the same shipping restrictions as on the Japan PO Box (Japanese Address) service notice page.
  3. Cancel proxy shopping & proxy COD
    Please note that cancellation after settlement of the item is regarded as an application for return.
  4. Application for returning goods
    To return an item after settlement, the condition will differ depending on the item and the situation. Therefore, although we accept applications for returns, this does not guarantee the return. Also, please note that you may be charged the return fee and handling fee depending on the situation.

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